History Of SpreadLove

It was a cold, wet evening in London town. The year was 1993 and the city was is the midst of the underground house revolution. DJ Dominic (as he was then known) met up with his good pals, Wayne and Norris, in Kings Cross to discuss starting a night of their own in the West End of London.

Wayne had years of promoting clubs and warehouse parties under his belt and Dominic and Norris were both prolific DJ’s and record producers. After much debate and rhetoric on that cold and wet winter night, they arrived at a name that Wayne had in a long list of possibilities and so was the birth of the Spreadlove Project.

It went down in London’s clubbing history as one of the best underground house events ever and, some say, gave birth to the UK Garage sound. One thing is for sure, Sundays were never the same again!